What purpose, lack?

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Life on the edge, compelled into novelty of spirit & psychology. Facing the void ahead, leads to the acute sense of abandoning what’s behind. Is there a way to imagine progress without the 2D of vision? Can the sonic reality of what’s coming be as loud as the sonic reality of what has come? To integrate these thought energies into the 3D is the challenge I want right now. In reality, I lack very little… or what I lack is by my choosing. Having lack must define an edge I find useful — what maturity does it excuse me from growing into? And when did this start? We joked about this in music school → if you don’t practice, you don’t have to live through the embarrassment of going for it and failing. But out here on the edge, there is no measure of failure. What would I have to give up if I admitted to myself that I do not have lack, I have abundance? What embarrassment am I able to avoid because of this story of lack? The longer I go attaching to this story, the greater the embarrassment when I am finally called to reckoning with this failure to rise to the occasion of my own life.

Areas of my life where I would like to see improvement through the steady release of a feeling of lack:

  • I have an uncanny ability to find my people
  • My periods of rest are complete + profound
  • I perceive the abundance of the void and know how to play with its gifts
  • Where I have gaps in my knowledge, I also have way-showers to compassionately correct my course.

I honor my ability to connect ideas and people together in meaningful ways. I give thanks to my brainbody for perceiving the possibilities and inviting me into play. And I lift up my courage to enter into the work of training my prefrontal cortex.

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