The beautiful ways what you love loves you back

 In Journal

Triggering multiple old ways of thinking these past couple weeks. The two wounds: Rejection & Lack. I’m still bothered when people don’t make time for me (rejection) AND I feel like it’s up to me to accommodate them for fear of losing their friendship (lack). However, there is no lack of people who are both interesting & interested! Pour yourself into what you love, let yourself love what you love and focus wholly on the beautiful ways what you love loves you back. Music is your most faithful companion. The trees, the air, your relatives surround you loving you. Your human relatives will see how generously your love loves you and will follow suit. Stay generous, stay kind, stay clear. Continue visualizing all of the fun and clever ways the universe is guiding you and playing with you. All of this is a beautiful, fun, funny, & interesting trip through the cosmos.

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