Let the answers surprise you

 In Journal

With the time change, I’ve been able to profit off the extra hour in the mornings and now begins a moment when I can work in earnest while the world lays quietly in shadow. Still unsure what that work looks like and enjoying the process of touching into the membrane that surrounds the current reality and perceptions. My love is calmer these days. More present in the being, so the pressure’s off in the doing. A real willingness to not know. What is the question I’m asking? What support do I want to assist in this liberation. Touched by the sun, hunger in the belly, sleep behind the eyes. I am moving into the realm of experience. Who will I talk to? What leap shall I take? As the teacher appears when the student is ready — so it is when the teacher is ready, the student appears. Who will I teach? And will it be made explicit? To be responsible to another’s hope for their lives. To be awkward and unsure with as much certitude as new love. This is not feeling lost, this is feeling humble. Keep asking questions. Let the answers surprise you.

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