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The new moon MATURITY. I want to share with myself the sensation of maturity. Maturity is a psychic relief. Maturity is easy. In the anxiety of juggling too many expectations, assumptions, and micromanipulations, maturity swoops in to lay down its salve. Maturity is not realistic or realist, it is not a downer. Instead maturity assesses possibility. It takes joy in the process. Maturity builds momentum in the truth of all things. Getting clear is a major side-effect of maturity because it requires detaching from desires and refocuses on what is. In this way, our maturity vibes with trustworthiness & vulnerability. Showing oneself to another in order to communicate from a shared place of clarity IS maturity and that maturity CREATES vulnerability & trustworthiness. Maturity is trusting oneself and in so being, Maturity is the sensation of being trusted. I take care of “what is” inside of me, witness my vulnerability, & trust me to act with Maturity.

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