Belief #1

 In Journal

I am being punished. __

This belief probably has a memorable cause followed by a lifetime of confirmation and its undoing lies is shifting perspective. I know from experience that having now barriers in my way doesn’t suddenly cause me to work in flow — I am still searching for how I’m being punished. The only barrier to my flow is my own perspective. Can I embrace each moment as an opportunity to excel? Can I supercharge my enthusiasm? With novelty, I expect opportunity and I am given opportunity. Once the novelty turns to habit or mastery, the expectation is punitive: either be perfect or improve on the last time. Sitting here imagining joy and excitement in the face of these expectations makes my stomach turn. I’m no about to be punished — I KNOW I can survive abuse & embarrassment — I’m about to be given everything I’ve wanted. Something beautiful is happening. I will start making a habit out of being rewarded. I am a master of receiving what I want.

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